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yarn indicators


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I've seen a couple of ways to do this. I personally haven't tried them but here is what I've been told. First, get the yarn that you want to use. The guy that told me about them uses' McFly Foam (I think that's right). Next, get you some small rubber O-rings. Loop a section of the foam (cut to the length you like) thru the o-ring. Now make several wraps of thread around the yarn just above the o-ring. Tie off and use head cement to glue your thread. Clear as mud? :)) Hope this helps.


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I saw a video the other day but cannot remember the web site for balloon indicators. A lot simpler and cheaper, plus you never have to treat them to stay afloat! I will see if I can find it!

Found it: www.ItinerantAngler.com with Zach Matthews.

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