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post-2422-1169871722.jpgAfter a day of canoeing and smallmouth on the Meramec River we walked up to the top of the hill and saw the tornado! We had about one minute to take cover before it passed over us. Taken from the Campbell Bridge, where Hwy N crosses the Meramec River.

At 3:00 pm on 9-22-06. We went under the bridge, climbed up on the top of the concrete foundation and wrapped our arms around the support beams, our feet were up on the concrete also to avoid flying stuff. I hope I never get another photo opportunity that close again! Also, if you see a tornado and can't tell which way it's going, left or right, then it's coming at you.

Thanks for the reminder Mikey, the fishing was good! The 3 of us landed (at least) 20 smallies, 20 largemouths, and a few goggle eyes. The half hour before the storm hit was the best, we had 3 triples and a few doubles during that time.

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