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Fishing report 1/28/07


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My Dad, Brother and I fished Thursday and Friday. With the water moving so fast we decided to fish from Monkey Island to the bridges and boy did it pay off. We caught several good size fish on Power bait. Now I hope I am not affendeing any of you fly fishermen by fishing with power bait, but I have a limited widow of fishing time and I like to make the most out of each trip I am able to go on. On Thursday we caught all our fish on yellow and white, Friday we caught nothing on yellow and every thing on pink. Very strange!!

This was my Brother's first time trout fishing and on the way home we were planning to come back in the sping to bring our kids. Our families had a falling out several years ago and we are trying to patch things up. We both thought bringing the kids down would be a chance to reconect and start building the family back.

Thanks to the Lillie's for helping make the trip a success. I always fish out of Lillie's and have never had a bad trip.




Jeff Alley

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