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The Dangers of Tying Your Own

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Kind of getting in on this late, but I have to manage my hooks carefully while tying, since I have a cat.

Actually, Growler is my cat's name, and she's a great source for gray scud dubbing.

Anyway, I always tie in groups of 5, meaning I only set out 5 at a time.

I also have an old speaker magnet for finding dropped hooks. Gets them out of the material basket I have under my vise if I drop one in there too.

I got hooked in the thumb at around age 6 while setting a trot-line with my grandfather. About dragged me out of the boat, went right through the thumbnail. He had his pocketknife out, cut the line, and used the cut line to remove the hook before I even realized what was happening.

My dad is a retired Optometrist, so I can't part without saying

"Always wear eye protection...this is the only pair you get." (thanks Dad)

Those embedded hooks could do real damage to someones eye.


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Mr. Ducky!

When you asked;

"how much stuff do you guys have that you lose track of it??? I only have about 50 hooks total...."

Was you wanting that in whole numbers.... Lbs.?.... Boxes?.... rooms?.... What?

As for hooks alone, I counted some 145 bags, boxes, envolops and packets..... Roughly guessing then.... (as the bulk of them are 100 ct.)that alone accounts for some 10,000 plus items! You'll know you're getting close to "overload" when you make at least three trips in a row into the bigger fly shops.... Feather Craft being one.... and not find anything you want!

Tie like a mad man.... Fish like you know it!


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Ocuh, not the hook but the ER! They will do it the saemway you would have. When I was a kid I went to the ER one Sunday AM with ahook in my finger. Cost me $135.00 and I ended up telling the Dr. how to remove it.

After that I have removed a many of a hook with needle nose, either just rip it out or roll it toward the barb.

Many years ago I was fishing a river near Ft. Riley KS. had a nice reallynice wiper on, just as I reached for the fish the hook let loose, got me in of all places my left nipple, now that hurt!!!

Not having needle nose with me I drove the 35 miles home fish hook and all or is that in all. I decided with a bit of gruntting and something to bite on to run it on thru and cut the barb.

Since then any hook has been childs play!

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just as I reached for the fish the hook let loose, got me in of all places my left nipple, now that hurt!!!

and to think people pay good money to have that done to them nowadays B)


Glass Has Class

"from the laid back lane in the Arkansas Ozarks"

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I had just explained this technique to a client this summer on the San Juan. Not 10 minutes later while i was unhooking a fish, the dropper fly got jammed into my hand with the fish still attached to the other fly. I had to have my client do the "surgery" on me. Super easy procedure to perform, especially for someone who has never touched a fly rod before.

There are two types of people. Those who dream dreams and wish, then there are the do'ers. I am a do'er!

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