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report 1/2/06

Brian Sloss

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The Ozark Rivers Fly Fishing club out of West Plains came over today to fish and eat chilli at island one (graveyard hallow) and I was able to get away for a couple hours and join them. In total I caught 14 or so with 2 in the 16-17 inch range. All my fish were caught on brown stones or Don's Crawdads fished right on the bottom. I did catch one smaller wild one and another wild one of about 14in. Everyone was nice and in good spirits and from what I could tell catching fish. The youngest of the group was really on a roll and had been out fishing us all with a total of 17 and counting when I left. The water is kinda low and gin clear right now, but with the overcast skies, were still plenty catchable as long as you fished deep. I missed out on the chilli, but it was nice to get to fish with these guys.




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