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How's the Fishing?


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Both day and night. Won't sleep much this weekend.

Went down the other night for a couple of hours. Had about 10 nothing big 17 inches or so. Bite was either very soft or they hit it like a ton of bricks no real in between. Used the old reliable # 8 black wooley with grizz hackel. Water had good flow under # 2, but above seemed a little lower that normal. Did not go down to KOA, but was wondering what it was like down there. Good luck

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I have not seen any post over the last few days and wondering how the fishing is. I leave tomorrow to come down for my yearly guys only fishing trip. Can't wait to fish the cold waters of Taney.
Fished yesterday from nine till 12:30 fished from middle of trophy area down to short creek. Did best in trophy area only no trophys mostly small fish. Fished jigs and midges under a float, used gray, brown, black and yellow and olive. Bites were very light and they liked olive best. Good luck. vince
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