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Spring River

Al Agnew

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I've only floated the Spring once. It was many years ago, and it was the float that finally wore a hole in the bottom of my first canoe, a 15 foot Grumman. The river was low and those ledges were wicked! I caught a few trout, and as I remember a couple of nice largemouths. Civilized water, and a strange float with all the solid rock bottom and ledges. I'd like to explore the Spring some more...it's on my short list of rivers to float.

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I have waded the Spring a few times. It looks as though is should be a fine smallmouth stream. Good current, deep holes, riffles etc. I caught a few smallmouth on each trip, but I was somewhat disapointed by the numbers of fish. In other words - I had to fish pretty hard for the few I caught.

There seemed to be very little fishing pressure on the stream i.e. plenty of solitude.

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