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Pomme 5/16


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We put in at Hermitage about 8:30 this morning and quit around 3:30.  Cloudy and overcast all day, not much rain till after lunch.  Water temp was around 67 with visibility of 3-4'.  

Caught two keepers right way.  One that was 17" and 2-6.  Those came on a spinnerbait in a main lake pocket.  Caught two more,with another decent keeper on a popper shortly there after.  Things slowed down quite a bit after that.  Caught one more on a spinnerbait, then had a few bites on a tube and beaver.  Bite really slowed down for most of the morning.  Finally started catching some fish deeper (6-10) on a beaver and brush hog.  They weren't eating it real well but did manage a couple more 16" keepers in a cove.

Moved back into the wind right after lunch and immediately caught a 21" 4-13 on a swimbait.  Bite really picked back up in the wind and light rain.   Caught several more on the spinnerbait.  Ended up catching around 15 - with 11 or so keepers.  Missed a lot of bites on the soft plastics - weren't very aggressive.  Wood helped on the plastics.  Wind on the reaction baits.Best 5 went about 13.5 #'s.

Saw one pontoon and one fishing boat all day.  No other trucks at our ramp or two others we saw.


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