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I will be making my first trip to Beaver the 1st week of August. I'll be staying in the Lost Bridge (Fishtrap hollow) area and would like to fish for some Walleyes. I'm not looking for anyone's spot, just a someone to point me in the general area. Any pointers would be helpful. Thanks for any info you can give! If any of you ever venture up north to Mozingo or Smithville I'll gladly give you some pointers.

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You will be hitting Beaver when it is hotter than my bath water, I don't have much experience on that end but I would suggest you bring some lights and fish after midnight or get up early and hit that first hour of daylight. Near point 5 you can find two areas with deep trees on the map, I have pulled walleyes out of those with drop shots while bass fishing, maybe someone who fishes that area will chime in.  

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