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Hello to everyone. To let you know a little about the Watcher, I was born in 1950 on the bank of Spring River at Many Island, that at the time my uncle owned. Went to school at Mammoth Spring High School, then to ASU in Bee Bee Ar.

I then went to work in the fishing tackle Manufacturing industry. I moved to Missouri in 1984 and have worked throughout Mo, Ar, Ok, Ks,Tn, Ky, Tx, for the last 22 years in the fishing tackle industry and the biggest outdoor retailer in the world (in Missouri.). I fished professionally for eight years in both Bass tournaments , and trout guiding. The tournament circuit is for young men that have wives that like to see them gone from home. My wife likes to have me at home.

My favorite fishing is for Crappie, Trout, Bass, Catfish. I have marketed baits for all of them species of fish, along with invented and marketed some marine accessories. Which I will not spam this board with.

I will be retiring this year and will be found on either the Current River, Spring River, Big Piney, Myatt Creek, Lake Ozark, Truman Lake or below Truman dam, Strawberry River, Ky Lake, Barkley Lake, in the turkey woods, rabbit hunting, Off roading, working in the garden. Or on the computer looking for information on all of the things above or writing short stories about fishing or hunting. I may do a few of the bigger sports shows to keep in touch with the many friends I have made in the outdoors sports over the years. I hope to make more here.

I will keep a few fish to eat when I need them, I will use bait for trout when I want to catch one or two for the table, and I don't have allot of time to fly fish. I love to fly fish, I practice catch and release, I do not tolerate poaching or law breakers dealing with hunting or fishing. I believe that the future of the outdoor sports depends on the youths of America. I vote for the man not the party, and don't hold it against anyone who votes, if you don't vote don't cry. I don't care for equestrians riding the river bank's or in the streams.

There you have it. If I can help I will and I will be asking for information from you guys here.

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