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I thought I would give fellow forum readers a “first shot” at the specials I just put in my store at :


The specials collection is a discounted offering of my "picture Jigs". What you see in the picture (number, color pattern, with or without weed guard, rattles and so on) is what you would receive for the listed price. Before I can put an item in my store I must make one, photograph it and then list it and this creates a back log of these "special items" and there is only one of each "SPECIAL". These are normally discounted anywhere from 15 to 30% or even more so advantage of this special and group pricing! 

I have included a picture below of just one of the specials in my store now. These go pretty quick so you might want to take a look now. Just go to my store at www.jigs4bass.com , then click on ”CATALOG”  AND THE CLICK on “SPECIALS” and you are there!

Thanks to my customers on this board and I appreciate your support,  Michael  www.jigs4bass.com 



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www.jigs4bass.com   Another one of the specially priced selections in my store!  Take a look now and my Pay Pal is up and running after taking a nap! Thanks,  Michael 



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