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Glad to be on this forum

Jeremy Hunt

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Hello fly fisher's, I guess it’s about time I introduced my self on here to. Some of you now me, but a lot of you probably don’t so I would like to tell you how I got into the fly-fishing and maybe when I get done you will probably laugh at how I caught my first trout. I grew up in Texas until I was eighteen then moved to Branson, Mo. To make a long story short, When I was about two years old I started fishing. My dad had a lake house at lake Tawakoni in Wills Point, Texas. He was a great bass fisherman and was able to fish with a lot of the guy’s on the circuit when he was growing up. He told me a lot of stories. I really looked up to my father like most boy’s do and that was all it took. I wanted to go fishing as much as I could and that is exactly what my brother and I did growing up. Wherever we could find a pond or lake we fished it. I love throwing plastic worms. That seem to be what I was good at when I was fishing for bass. We grew up in Duncanville, TX until we were eleven and while we were there we got to see them build Joe Pool Lake. Also my dad knew that they were building a new lake not to far from where our lake house on Lake Tawakoni. And the new lake they were building was Lake Fork. It didn’t take my dad long to go fish that lake. We had a place there on opening day and got to fish it all the time. My dad got me and my brother a little bass boat with only a trolling motor on it. We were not to leave the cove that we live on , but at ten years old I thought it was pretty cool to have our own little boat that we could just go get in and fish the cove whenever we wanting. I knew then I was hooked on fishing in general. My brother kind of grew out of it and I just kept growing in it. All I can tell you is I had to have my own tackle box, fishing pole, when I went fishing and all I wanted to do was figure out how to catch fish and improve my game.

So when I moved up to Branson, Mo. at the age of eighteen with the family. We lived on the river and I didn’t even know there was trout behind me the first year I lived there. I never really heard about them growing up because we did not have any trout streams by us and my dad never mentioned trout fishing to us growing up. I must have lived in Branson for a year or two before I even picked up the sport, but once I did I never used conventional tackle again. I still love to catch warm water fish especially bass. How can you not like those big eyes and mouth when you go to pull one up. I Just couldn’t believe that you could catch so many trout in a single day and I guess that was the turning point for me. And the fact that it was something new and different was just what I was looking for. One of my goals is to catch as many species of fish on the fly rod. And tie as many patterns as I can. I like tying just as much as I like fishing. I really have respect for tyers. There is alot that goes into learning how to tie flies and it is just has hard as learning the other half.

Ok. Are you ready for my story on how I caught my first trout. I was standing in the chute. The water was off so I had to wade out a little bit and at that time I had the Wal-Mart waders for about seven dollars. The one’s that you had to wear you’re tennis shoes with. My feet were cold and I just didn’t know anything I was doing. I didn’t even catch my first trout on a fly rod. I caught mine on a Zebco 333. The funny part about all this was that Brad Wright saw all this take place and if any of you know Brad then you can only guess what he was thinking. I bought some flies at Wal-Mart and didn’t know what any of them did or how to fish them. All I knew was by looking at what people were doing at the chute. I knew they were using indicators and some split shot fishing scuds. I tied on a fly called the Humphy and put some split shot. Not knowing what I was doing at the time, I flipped it in the chute and saw the trout swim over take the dry as a wet. Next thing you know I had my first trout. It’s funny to think about how I caught it because all I was trying to do was figure it out and sure enough I did that day. The rest is history. I now eat, breathe and sleep this sport. If I am not tying for a shop, then I am guiding, teaching, or writing something down about fly fishing. I am lucky that I can do this because I don’t ever want to see my self do anything else, but keep progressing and sharing what I learned about the sport. I truly love this sport and want to share it with the world. That’s probably enough about me.

Good luck on your journey in the sport and if you ever have a question or a story to share I would love to hear about it.

Jeremy Hunt

AKA flytiehunt

Accept the drift.....<>>><


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We are pretty lucky to have you here, you big lug.

( sniff sniff.. how 'bout a hug ? )

On a serious note - it is us who are glad to have you here.

just kidding - Brian

Just once I wish a trout would wink at me!


I'm the guy wearing the same Simms longbilled hat for 10 years now.

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QUOTE<I am lucky that I can do this because I don’t ever want to see my self do anything else, but keep progressing and sharing what I learned about the sport. I truly love this sport and want to share it with the world.>QUOTE

I think this is the part that makes you special. It takes someone special to care enough to share. Don't ever stop sharing the many special things we learn when fly fishing.

Fishin' What They See,

Fox Statler

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Jeremy, great post man. Like I told you last time we saw each other, I'll trade you a great Texoma trip for a Rim Shoals trip. Glad to hear you are back. I just got back from a hunt in Oklahoma, so I'll be seeing you on Tuesday nights at the class. Later.

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