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10% Sale on Midwest Finesse for OA


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I wanted to thank all of the Ozark Anglers members by currently offering a 10% discount on Midwest Finesse Style Ned Rigs. 

Use the code: Ozark Anglers at checkout to receive the discount at http://www.jadesjigs.com

I am a local fisherman and discovered the Ned Rig from reading all of the informative posts here.  I have learned so much from everybody. This created an obsession of finesse fishing that led me to starting a business selling jigs. 

I use a lead-free alloy and have several variations in stock. Please go to http://www.jadesjigs.com  to see all of my current options. 

There are some wonderful people here that make jigs and I definitely don't want to take any business away from them. I just wanted to let members know what I have to offer if interested in something a little different. 

Thank you for making this the best forum for learning and sharing! If anybody has any suggestions on the website or on the jigs, then please let me know. It would be an honor to have anybody here fish with my jigs. 





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