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Fly tying classes for Tuesday

Jeremy Hunt

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To my fellow fly tyers in class. I will be in Belize for the next two tuesday's on a job interview guiding for four months in the winter starting next year if I land the job. This all came about last year when I was tying at the conclave. I met a guy by the name of Charles that is a close friend of Eric Schmuecker's, who is one of the four son's of Wapsi. For those who don't know Eric, let me tell you what he does for the tying world. He is in charge of all the dubbing that goes out of Wapsi. They say that every fly ever tied in the world right now, something from that fly came from the Wapsi plant. That is crazy if you think about it. Go check it out . www.wapsifly.com .

So anyways, Charles was staying at Eric's while he was in town and I was at Eric's house every night after the conclave eating and just hanging out. Charles and I started talking about the river and how the fishing was doing at Rim Shoals. I told him that if he had some extra days after the show that I would take him fishing. He said he could make that work so the next thing you know were off fishing . I guess that is the day that made him believe in me or just the fact that he had this idea in his head , but did not tell me about it until about a week ago. Him and some other investors are building a new resort/guide service on this stretch of water that his holding bonefish like crazy. So he invited me to go and met the gang and see what I thought about the property and what they have going on with the fly fishing. We are fishing four out of the eight days we will be there so I will be able to tell you all about it when I get back. I hope to take some great pictures and have some nice bonefish to show you. Who knows we might even catch some permit. That would be a blast on a fly. I don't even know what to bring so I guess I will be bringing my vise and all the saltwater patterns that I have. Wish me luck and for all the student's from class. I will bring you back something from Belize.

Jeremy H

Accept the drift.....<>>><


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