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Bad cast,

I would keep the whole skin. There are uses for practically all the feathers. Here is a link to an article by Jack Gartside that you may find useful: http://www.jackgartside.com/art_pheasant_feathers.htm


This is a terrific suggestion.

Gartside's website has lots of great patterns for the freshwater critters of our region.

Smallmouth, largemouth and the Striper Family species.

Many of his patterns are not difficult, the proper materials are the key.

Thanks, Steve, for the link.


Bill Butts

Springfield MO

"So many fish, so little time"

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With the Ringneck Soft hackle listed with the Gartside link, this pattern calls for a black ringneck "neck" feather to be used as the hackle. Another recipe for the same pattern calls for a pheasant chest feather to be used as hackle? The breast feathers are a little large for a size 14 fly, would you use the breast or the neck feathers for this pattern?


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