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10'+ Long Distance Casting Rods for Crappie, Walleye, and Hybrids

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The time has come to update my equipment for fishing Truman Tailrace.  For Crappie I currently use a 11'6" Browning "Dick Swan" Noodle Rod with spinning reel loaded with 6 lb test.  And for Hybrids I use a Cabela's 11' Predator 1-3/4 Test Curve Rod and bast cast reel loaded with I believe 10 lb test.  These are older rods that I have used for 10+ years and have served me well.  The crappie rod could cast a little better but overall it is pretty decent.  Before the current crappie rod I used a standard 12' B'N'M rod it was good but not at good as my current noodle rod in casting.

I like the longer rods because of the distance I can cast and also allow me to keep the fish out of the rocks/riprap along the tailrace.  So now I am starting to look at any of the newer rods that I could use to replace these two.  But I want them to be a minimum of 10' - max 14', with the ability for long distance casting.  The crappie rod will need to be a spinning rod  4-8lb test line and be able to cast 1/16 - 1/2 oz baits.  The Hybrid rod can be a casting or spinning  6 - 10 lb line  1/4 - 2 oz baits.  Just looking for a smooth long casting rods.  Also another issue with such long rods like the crappie rod there tends to be a balance issue sometime to where it can do a number on your wrist.  They sometimes can be a little top heavy but that could be compensated by a longer handle or the ability to adjust the reel position with slip ring reel seat.

I have not been down since last spring and at that time I did not pay much attention to what other people were using nor ask them brand/model rod they used.  But I might have to this spring to get a better consensus of what popular and well liked.

Is anyone up to date on the latest and greatest rods these days like the ones I have described or similar to my current ones?  Any suggestions of rods to my specifications would be appreciated before I go down the long rabbit hole of finding the right rods.

Anthony Linhardt

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