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Mid March

steven tolly

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Hey guys,

I am headed down there in a few weeks and never been to this part of the White.  I have fished Taneycomo for a lot of years with my dad, but this year I am hoping to do a little bit of wading.  Any suggestions?  Places we can wade in on different water level?  Is there any wading if the water is up?  We are getting a guide from Dallys for the first day we arrive, unless someone speaks up and tells me about someone else.  Would love to boat and wade a bit over the day and find some places to wade the next cou0ple of days.

Thanks in advance for any help.




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Sounds like a good plan. Ask the guide for suggestions on where to wade on the existing water levels during your stay. Be sure to check the predicted flows, but don't trust them 100% and always have an exit plan.


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