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Fishing Buddy Report


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Sorry for the delay to post my report, had to leave a day early for an emergency back home.

Got on the water around 2:00 pm on monday the 12th, very warm out, some wind but very little water flow. Went up to lookout, not many people there, started at the end nearest the dam using a black zebra midge size 16, with #7 tippet, set shallow about 18 inches, got a strike on the second cast, and hooked up with a 15 inch rainbow on the 3rd, very aggressive strike and put up a good fight. continued on for about an hour very little result, and occasional strike but no hookups. Went to a red zebra fished the same and the strikes stopped. I noticed a number of larger fish down stream from me on the bottom feeding from my movement. I switched to a dark grey and red sowbug size 18, and fished it deep about 4 feet, things started to improve and I landed 2 more rainbow, in the 14 inch range. At around 4:00 pm noticed the midge hatch, and that the fish would occasionally hit my strike indicator on the surface. went back to the zebra in black, shallow but a size 18, landed 2 more rainbow straight away, then they stopped. gave it up at around 5:00 and headed back to Lilleys.

Tuesday the 13th, headed back up to lookout at about 10:30 am, the day started out very well! I had just tied on a silver beadhead gray sowbug size 16, dropped it in the water and started to strip out some line, as I stared to cast it appeared that the fly might have been trapped in the rocks under the indicator, but to my amazement it took off down stream, worked the fish for about 5 minutes and got him in the net, a very nice fat 18 inch rainbow had taken the sowbug as soon as it hit the water. I fished the sowbug till around 12:30 with varing success, catching 6 more rainbows in the 14 to 16 inch range. The sun was in and out, and I would catch fish when it was cloudy with some chop on the water, but when it would go clear and the surface would smooth things would get slow. Went up to MDC ramp, and fished from there down to KOA with a dark brown #20 scud under a black beadhead zebra dropper #16 with little success for the next couple of hours, only landing 2 more fish a small rainbow and a 15 inch brown.

Decided to try lookout again on my way back, started stripping a black wooley

in the shallows and started catching fish, no large fish around 14 to 15 inch but very aggressive strikes and putting up a good fight, this was very productive for about an hour than it slowed. Went back to drifting a beadhead sowbug in grey #16, fished at around 36 inches and stared to catch a few rainbows again. Stayed on the sowbug until 5:00 and called it a day. All in all caught 17 fish that day, stripping wooleys being the most productive with drifting the sowbug a close second when it was cloudy. The colors were good in the trees and it was not crowded which made up for the fishing being a little slow. I believe if it gets colder, they run some water and some overcast the fishing would be very good.

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