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Bull Shoals State Park Area


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With the water very low we had to work to get the boat in the water, once in we cuaght a lot of fish and most were well over 12" lots and lots of nice fat rainbows. Using shallow diving crank baits, seemed an color was working. We named lures by color and all produced well.

Lost a nice brown at the boat and a huge rainbow when it went under the boat.

Lots of good browns down stream from the jetty and some tailing.

Rain came a went all day, we finally called it quits about 3:30 with well over 50 fish for the two of us. We quit counting at 50.

The people fly fishing did not seem to be doing any good.

There were some Buffle heads and Shoveler on the river with lots of crapping gulls. Most gulls were down at the first shoals below the park.

Just a warning if you dont have 4 wheel drive I don't think you will be able to launch a boat, unless the trailer has full roller bunks. Lots and lots of shallow water holding fish!!!!

The best working lure was the CD-7 rapala in Brown trout. worked on a long rod and popped just under the surface.


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I have a couple husky jerks, I have not done much good on them, but I know others who have.

Yesterday I found that a gold with well worn back worked bettr than the new one, so scraped some paint fromt he back and things picked up.

I use power baits but did not yesterday and the fishing was great, just darn hard to lanch a boat and not much room to move from that launch ramp area.


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