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Fishing Report


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Fished a spinnerbait along the hydrilla in front of rockaway beach this morning. I fish that awful stuff all the time and I dont know why it attracts me so much.

I think I may have caught maybe a dozen Bass and even fewer trout if I was to add it all up over time. Not the most productive place and even fewer rewards. but "oops" I did it again and wasted an hour speed fishing the entire bank of it. Today I didnt catch anything from it. Wich is par for that course.

I ended up jigging tail spinners along long beach corner and picked up 3 bows there and then I headed to lost forest cove where I finished my morning with 4 sport Bass and a 10 inch goggle eye. I am not sure, but I do think that the goggle eye was the biggest goggle eye I have ever caught. Was impressed with it for some reason.

"May success follow your every cast." - Trav P. Johnson

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Take a camera and grab a few shots next time.

Love to see the goggle-eye.

B'Sides...... you never know when you might catch a glimpse

of the GTMES...Giant Taneycomo Man-Eating Squid. :rolleyes:

Rich Looten

Springfield, Missouri

"If people don't occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads,

you're doing something wrong."- John Gierach

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I keep a small waterproof camera on the boat. Use it when I catch especially colorful fish or when I have somebody with me. I fish alone 99.8% of the time. Forget I have it most the time. Plus I might go a whole year before I take all 36 exposures. Last couple times I developed film, none of the pics ended up on the puter. I dont have a digital cam(wouldnt carry it on my boat if I did) and my stone-age scanner hit the computer boneyard years ago. I never got around to buying a new one.

I know excuses excuses, I will look around and see what I can find in a way of a waterproof digital cam. Then I dont have to wait on using up film before I develope. I just dont want to spend alot of money on something thats exposed to the elements so much.

"May success follow your every cast." - Trav P. Johnson

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