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Heading To Montauk


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I will be at Montauk on Friday and Saturday. Can anyone recommend flies they would use as droppers, as well as streamer patterns that work well this time of year. I have only fished near the camping area in the past, so feel free to point out other places in the park that I should try. Thank you in advance for any advice.


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I have always had the most luck at Montauk on #18-22 zebra midge both in black and red with a gold bead heag and gold wire rib. Would work perfect as a dropper. The last time I was down there (Dec 7-9) the zebra midge was my best fly. A guy showed me how to drop a zebra midge off of the bend of the hook of a egg pattern or glo-ball. Very effective, the fish would swim up quickly to the glo ball, then decide not to take it, see the midge and then it was "fish on". Worked great. A olive mohair leech works well as a streamer, Also a wet crackleback stripped always works well. Ive had good luck on pheasant tail nymphs and red copper-johns in the deeper pools. Good luck and tell us how you did. Hope this helped.



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