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Last Nights Fishing Report...


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Another high water report..

I took out a couple of gentlemen (James and Wes).

we got an early start about 7:30pm. water at 2 units.

we started with the glow in the dark indicators Midge/sowbug and midge/eggs. So we headed to outlet 2. fishing started a little slow. But did pick. We hooked into some really nice fish but nothing big (Ave. 14-17in)

Well we decided to end the night with a bit of streamer fishing. So we all went to the pavillion and did a quick warm-up.

we put on the PMS. and headed to one.

as we got there and started we made a few casts and changed spots right away. Went to the upper side of 1. On the 2nd cast James Landed a beautiful 20in Brown. This would be the fish that ended the night..

Very cold, A little windy, full moon, high water... with everything against us... we still caught fish...


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