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Slightly late fishing report for Jan. 27th - Feb. 1st :)

Cheese slinger

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Had an awesome trip down there. Dock fishing is usually a big highlight, but seemed really slow unless you happened to hit it while the water was running, which it usually wasn't. The trout got everything thrown at them in my sizeable bag of cheese, mostly to no avail.

The trophy area saved the trip. Went up to lookout and just GOT INTO some fish - our party of 7 probably threw back upwards of 300 fish in 4 hours of fishing on Tuesday the 30th. My hand hurt from gripping my fishing pole. Quite a few nice ones too, my best rainbow taped out at a smidge under 19", got her on a jointed floating rapala blue/silver.

It didn't seem to matter what we threw at the trout, anything from little cleo's to blue fox spinners, mepps spin flies, rapalas, I even broke down and jig fished a few little runs there - as long as silver was somewhere in the color scheme they killed it. Gold did not produce at all. We did really well on the couple of gravel flats on the way back to Fall Creek too - shallow gravel w/ silver seemed to be the key.

Anyway sorry for the delay in the fishing info, and thanks Phil for another fabulous year - the Taneycomo trout fishery has to be the finest I've ever fished, the shear amount of trout available to catch is staggering, and anytime you have to stop fishing to cool your hand off in the lake because it's cramping up from fighting fish you know that you have to be doing something right :)

God bless, good luck, and good fishing to everyone.


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