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Last Nights Fishing Report...


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I got to the dam around 8:30 to meet up with Steve and Nathan (I think thats right).

We sat and talked for a few and then geared.. We headed striaght to the top the throw streamers in high water.

we both hooked into a couple of fish.. we made our way down to the pathway below 1..then him and Nathan was ready to head out.

I stuck around for about another hour and got into some very nice fish (between 15-18in range) throwing a natural pine squirrel (unweighted).... then I switched over to a unweighted white wooly.. and it broke loose again

basically standing above chute 1 (chin deep) casting about 15-20 feet out.. and dead drifting until it striaghten out down stream.. Most of the time it never got all the way down..before the take... trust me when I say.. YOU COULD FEEL THE TAKES!!

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