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Report 1-26-08

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Hey guys,

Fished the islands above Patrick for a couple of hours today. Started at the second island and worked my way back down. Literally picked up fish everywhere. A few browns, a lot of 'bows and most of the 'bows were not the fiesty young of the year fish like we have been catching like crazy for a few months now. Big fish was a 17" 'bow.

Fished a golden rubber leg with a small egg dropped to start with and picked up fish equally on both flies. Switched to a black rubber leg with the egg and the bite turned almost totally to the rubber leg. This was the first trip I had taken with a "tweaked" rubber leg since I ran out of chenille(how do you run out of chenille? :huh1: ) and started dubbing the bodies on my rubber legs. I do have to say that a dubbed bodied rubber leg is grossly buggy though.

Did see some rising fish during a sporadic BWO hatch.


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