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Bass Fishing on Taney

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I am still fairly new to the area and have fished Table Rock for years while down here on vaction and I am taking some time to learn some parts of BS but I have never fished Taney for bass. Is there good numbers of all three (largemouth, smallies, and KY's)???? I have heard there are big largemouth in Taney and that the new record fish may be lurking. Is the water new Powersite typically warmer?? Can you fish shallow water year round (esp. in the summer) since the water temp. is so much cooler??? Do you guys usually throw the same things you would throw at TR and BS?? Basically i am lookin for some general info on what fishing on Taney for bass is like. Thanks guys!!!

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I have made a few trips down and have always wanted to bass fish but never got around to it. I have read on other sites that there are some nice size ones down toward the warmer water. I believe one resort last year said one of their guest caught a 6 pounder off the dock and then a week later someone pulled an 8 pounder. I love to Texas rig for bass with salamanders here in Indiana. I have a feeling they would just tear that up down there. Let me know what works for you. Shoot, big brown might even take interest in those. I doubt if too many people fish with them. As for the cooler part of the water I have heard Phil say people have caught KY's across from his place but I don't know up closer to Table Rock Dam. I would say that water might be a little too cold especially since they have the warmer water to chose from.

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There's no diff in Taney and any other lake right now. With no generation, the water temp's the same... so you need to fish it the same. Stick baits right now is the ticket.

Until they start running water, fish it the same. Generation send water of a different temp into the lake and depending on what time of year, you have to compensate. Spawn is later typically because Taney's water is cooler IF they generate. The lower lake will stay cooler on into the summerand if they run alot of water, this forces bass into coves and cuts where the water is warmer.

It's just a whole new ballgame- even I haven't spent the time to learn the patterns. I've gotten lucky a couple of times guessing it right and catching a big lunker but for the most park, I'm still in the learning stage.

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