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Spectacular Sunny Day At The Narrows

John Berry

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After our great outing on Saturday, my wife, Lori, and I were chomping at the bit to take advantage of the spectacular weather and low water that we have had lately. Our yellow lab, Ellie, went with us. I had fished at the Narrows a week or so ago and had done well. There were a couple of guys there when we arrived but we had was so much good water to fish we didn't even notice them.

I did well fishing with a black zebra midge. Lori fished a variety of flies including Y2Ks, Dans turkey tail emerger, and the partridge and orange. By far the most productive fly was the olive woolly bugger. She caught our best fish,two eighteen inch rainbows on it. When Ellie wasn't helping me to land fish she was chasing armadillos. Once she caught up with them she would give them a sniff and walk off. We fished untill dark.

John Berry


Fly Fishing For Trout




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