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Where Was Everyone Last Night


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Got to the parking lot about midnight expecting to see a lot of cars since the water was off, not a single car by #2. Went straight to

the tail end of rebar fishing with my son Joel and his friend Clint. First cast fish on with olive PMS. Clint was using a small Rapala

black & gold about 2 inches long and hooked up on his second cast but didn't land it. I caught 4 fish on eight casts thought it was

going to be an outstanding night, they were hitting on the drift, the strip and even hooked one on a tangled backcast but things

slowed down after the cloud cover disappeared, probably should have switched colors but fingers were to stiff to tie on something

else. Biggest of the night was 2 bows pushing 18" on PMS and a pine squirrel and Clint landed one over 16 on the Rapala, Joel and

Clint finally switched rods and Joel hooked a few on the utlra light before we called it a night about 2:30. ICE in the guides was a

big problem from the time we got there, also had a problem of the slack line that I had already stripped in, freezing together. Will

be back tonight sometime around midnight again.


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