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I haven't had any luck the past few trips...anyone been able to get into the fish?

I saw the water temp really climbed before this last round of precipitatioin. Wondering if anyone got out there this past weekend to take advantage of it.....


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I have been fishing the Arkansas every weekend that the water is low enough to wade. I have not caught large numbers of fish, but have been catching some bigger ones. I went this morning, 30 degrees with a north wind. I only caught 3, but one of them was a good one, probably 15lbs or so. This has been my hot fly the last few trips http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a248/stevec53/IMG_0040.jpg


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Hey Okieflyfisher,

Nice catch on the big one! I was wondering if you've ever been down to Fort Gibson Tailwater or if you know of any websites / forums where I can find a report. I met you at the end of last year down at the PSO... Friends and I come from Springfield MO, so, I would like to try and find out a little more about FGD before making the drive. Thanks for any info. Jim

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I haven't been there in 3 weeks. A group of three guys went on the weekend of Feb. 2nd & 3rd and caught a few, but nothing exceeding 5 lbs. It looks like the water is being turned on most Saturdays, which is kind of discouraging when you drive 3 hours...We stay over Saturday night and fish Sunday, but, it's been hit and miss (mostly miss) for us. We're kind of waiting until the weather stabilizes and a consistent bite is reported. Although, we're getting the fever pretty bad so we may come out next weekend. See ya' on the water. Good fishing and thanks for the report. Jim

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