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Did some deep water work and pulled 2 Browns(3-8,6-3). Used several presentations and both fish came from opposite sides of the spectrum. One off of a Rat Trap and the other off of a spinnerbait that I had modified to trail a Hornet. Spent 5 hours to get those two bites. Spent 3 hours before the first bite. Just goes to show that pesistence pays.

On my trek home, close to sunset, I fished the shallows just down from rockaway.

Was zero wind and the water was glass so I threw some top water baits. Got 5 sports in 30 minutes.

"May success follow your every cast." - Trav P. Johnson

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What kind of top water lures were you throwing?

Had any luck with crappie this winter on Taneycomo?

I've got some friends coming in town next weekend and they want to catch some trout. What kind of lures or baits have the rainbows been hitting on around the cooper creek area?

Thanks for the info.

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I was using rapala floating split tails and after the cast, letting them sit for a few seconds between twitches. Worked like a charm.

I dont have much desire for crappies. I have tried but with little luck. If you read a few reports back, I got news that there were some being caught. Other than that it is hearsay.

I rarely go above roark creek, but if I was to predict a good pattern for the cooper creek area it would be marabous and roadrunners. Float and jig.

No prob crappieman, Got your back anytime you need it.

Keep in touch.

"May success follow your every cast." - Trav P. Johnson

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