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New Fishing Show On Versus Network Friday Night (mike Iaconelli)

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Seems folks either love him or hate him (I hated him for a long time but he's grown on me a lot, although he's def fallen out of the spotlight as of late). Mike "Ike" Iaconelli has a new tv show supposedly starting tomorrow night on VS network (for you direcTV folks, that's channel 603 which I'm sure you already know). I'm looking forward to it, the other fishing shows are starting to get a little stale in my opinion. Here's the lowdown:


New Television Series to Launch February 15th

Stamford, CT. – VERSUS announced on Thursday afternoon the debut of the new weekly series: City Limits Fishing, which premieres on Friday, February 15, at 8:30 p.m. ET. The six-part series, developed in part with USA TODAY LIVE, the television arm of the USA TODAY brand, follows host and professional angler Mike Iaconelli to not so far-off destinations such as New York City and Washington, DC to uncover the secret places within urban areas where the fishing is world-class.


In City Limits Fishing, Iaconelli—the 2006 Bass Angler of the Year—is challenged to catch a limit of fish entirely within the boundaries of some of the country’s greatest cities. As viewers follow him on his quest to quickly find fish in an unfamiliar body of water and figure out how to catch them, they will learn about surprising angling opportunities in some of the country's largest cites and also how one of the world's top fisherman catches his limit, or maybe the city limits his catch.

“City Limits Fishing is definitely a unique series for the network—it’s an urban twist on the traditional fishing show as cities like Philadelphia and Sacramento aren’t typically thought of as hot beds for angling,” said Greg Trager, director of Field Sports Programming for VERSUS. “With a world-renowned expert hosting and production by USA TODAY LIVE, the show is sure to appeal to both our core fishing viewers as well as a new and broader audience who may not usually watch fishing shows.”

The show will air within VERSUS Country; a destination on the network that can be found every Thursday and Friday night and weekend morning. In VERSUS Country, viewers are presented with the best hunting and fishing programming on television featuring the most respected and renowned outdoorsmen in the world today.

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My screen name Urban Angler came from living in downtown Indianapolis. Before I moved to the Ozarks, I fished Fall Creek in the middle of downtown. I was the only one out there, and caught 16"- 19" fish regularly. Mostly smallmouth, some largemouth, and a few spotted bass. Bluegill, Crappie, Yellow bass, and a back hooked catfish were bonuses. Some of the crappie were monsters in their own right, they hit pretty big lures. I started out fishing ultra light, when I caught a 14" smallie. I went home and got a bigger rod and lures and went back and started catching much bigger fish. I had the whole stream by my self, full of big unpressured fish. The guys at Indiana smallmouth made fun of me. That was OK with me, I'll keep my urban fish. There are so many Urban waters that get no pressure except for some catfish/carp fisherman. I caught the 3 biggest Largemouth of my life in the Patomic under a bridge. So next time you drive over an interesting piece of water go back and see whose home.

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There is another new show on there called Dollarwise Fly, it shows some of the more popular areas like Redfish in Louisiana, shark fishing around San Diego, and Florida supposely on a budget. But some of the prices they listed didn't seem like budget prices to me, $200 a day to rent a kayak to fish for redfish in the bayou.

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