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How-to-steps ( Zonker )

Jeremy Hunt

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Hook: TMC 5262 size 2-6 (or any streamer hook will work)

Thread: UTC 140 (white) or color to match the body

Body: Flexi-cord (silver) these come in several sizes, match the right size to the hook size

Wing: Rabbit strips (white)

Collar : Rabbit

Eyes: Prisma stick-ons (black) or whatever color you like.

Tying Instructions:


Step 1.

First thing you need to do is make the body. I like to have premade stencils already cut out so I don’t have any guess work. So if this is your first time tying this fly I would keep the stencil for a reference after you’ve made it for this size hook. Notice on the picture how I’m measuring this to be cut to shape.


Step 2.

Fold this just the way you see it on the picture. And what you really need to pay attention to is the hook shank being in the middle of the fold. Not right up against the fold on the underside. That’s where I see a lot of people have trouble with this step.


Step 3.

Cut it to this shape. Make sure you have room to tie material in at the bend and the front of the hook. So make sure you leave a space or you’ll crowd the eye.


Step 4.

Now cut a length of flexi-cord a little longer then the hook. If you don’t have these materials then you can also use the standard mylar cord. I like this because it’s more durable then the mylar and won’t fray as much. Another thing to remember is making sure it’s the right size. If you can slide it over the body and it’s really loose then I would say it’s too big and you’ll need to go down a size. If it’s too small you will notice it start to split as you slide it on.

Once you slide it on then take the thread and make a few turns around and snug it tight. Leave a little excess in the back. You shouldn't have to cut any off in the back. This should be measured before tying it down.


Step 5.

Measure the strip about half the hook shank hanging off in the back. Split the hair and tie it down where you made the split. If you wet your fingers when separating the two it will keep the hair out of the way so you can see where to tie it. Make the wraps on top of each other. I would do about three or four and then whip finish the thread off. I also put a little zap-a-gap on the underside of the thread so it holds together longer.


Step 6.

This step can be a little frustrating until you tie this fly a few times. You have to cut the front of the cord flush with the eye of the hook. Maybe a little past it, but that's it or you’ll have excess hanging off the front. What we're trying to do is prevent you from making any cuts to the flexi-cord. Now repeat the same step you did in the back. Make a few turns, but don’t worry about cleaning up the head yet. You still need to tie a little collar of rabbit on the underside.


Step 7.

Fold over the rabbit strip and tie it down. Cut off any excess hanging off the front.


Step 8.

Cut a little rabbit from the hide and tie it down as a collar on the bottom side. You can go all the way around if you want. Just make sure you measure the hair to not go past the bend of the hook before tying it in. This is another step that you don’t want to cut any rabbit off in the front. Make your cut before tying it in.


Step 9.

Whip finish the thread off and stick your eyes on at the front (on the thread head you made). Next you’ll want to make a small coat of epoxy around the head. This will make the fly look good and stay together for the long haul.

Accept the drift.....<>>><


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