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How-to-steps ( Disco Midge )

Jeremy Hunt

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Disco Midge



Hook: TMC 200R size 16-20

Thread: UTC 70 red (or color to match body)

Abdomen: Red Accent Flash

Head: Peacock herl strung (bright green)

Tying Instructions:


Step 1.

Start the thread a little behind the eye. You only need a few turns of thread and cut the tag end off. Your ready to tie in the flashabou.


Step 2.

Tie the flash in and wind to the bend. You only need one strand to complete the fly. If you’re using a pearl color I would use two strands so you don’t see the underneath.

Note: I like to make a smooth foundation with thread wraps so when I wind the flash up, you get that flat look instead of ridges. So make each turn side by side. I also like to use floss (utc 70) thread instead of wax(uni-thread).


Step 3.

Advance the thread back to where you started it when you first tied it in. Leave a little room so you can tie in the herl.


Step 4.

Wrap the flash up making each wrap lay a little over the last wrap keeping them side by side. Cut the excess of and your ready to tie in the herl.


If you have a little tag still showing after you made the cut go ahead and tie that in with a few turns of thread.


Step 5.

Now tie the herl in. When picking herl you want to make sure you get fairly long ones because you're going to twist these. You can use one or two strands. Of course if you only use one then you don’t need to worry about twisting it. I like mine to be more durable so that’s why I use two. Your going to tie these in at the ends.

Note: When selecting herl make sure you look at the stem to see if there’s a good amount of herl on it. That’s where you need to make your cut at the end. If you look at the end you can see there’s not much herl until you get up the stem a little ways. That’s the “Good” stuff.


Step 6.

You only need to wrap it in about three turns. Trim off the excess, whip finish the fly. Glue the eye and you got yourself a disco midge my friend.

Accept the drift.....<>>><


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