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Just Thought I'd Drop In And Say Hello...


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My name is Zach Smith, I'm 18 and live in Springfield. I've been a visitor to the site for quite some time now, and have always recieved excellent advice from all of you guys so I thought I might as well join in.

I enjoy every part of being an outdoorsman, and try to involve myself in as many activities as possible. If I'm not out wetting a line or stuck in a tree, than you can make a fairly safe bet that I'm daydreaming that I was, (In fact, there have been more than one occasions when I've been caught reading fishing reprots from this very site when supposed to be doing English essays!)

Fishing has been in my family for generations so it's pretty natural that I try to fish for every species and using a wide of variety of techniques as possible. For the past five or so years, my passion has really turned to Fly fishing/tying. Hunting is also another obsession.

Within the last few months, a few of my buddies and I have been going to the tailwaters Taneycomo and it's quickly become our favorite "little honey hole".

All of my close friends are outdoorsmen, and we are always ready to introduce any of our curious other friends who wonder what makes us head to the country for the weekend.

Next year I'll be attending college, and am not really sure what to major in, but the idea of finding a career in the outdoors industry is very appealling. Too bad there is no degree in Flyfishing.

Anyways, I thought I'd give everyone a formal introduction to myself, I plan on throwing in my two cents worth as often as I can. Can't wait to start posting!



Zach Smith

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Welcome and we will look forward to your reports.

Have you ever considered fish biology or environmental science. Those are areas where there will continue to be a need. As we see our rivers, lakes and streams become more devastated because of agri chemical runoff, riparian development and other reasons our fisheries are in danger, we need more dedicated young people to take on the task of finding solutions. Not only for figuring how to repair the habitat but how to protect the species.


Glass Has Class

"from the laid back lane in the Arkansas Ozarks"

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Welcome aboard!

Several universities have fly fishing clubs including Penn State (I wonder if Joe Humphrey is still a part of that?) Tennessee, Colorado, and others. Also, many of the college towns will have fly fishing clubs that you can join. Dano is right about getting a degree in biology, environmental science, wildlife management, etc. Whatever you study, just do it. You will never regret going on to college or other secondary education for sure.



"There he stands, draped in more equipment than a telephone lineman, trying to outwit an organism with a brain no bigger than a breadcrumb, and getting licked in the process." - Paul O’Neil

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Thanks guys,

I'l probably just end up going to missouri state, but I hear that they have some flyfishing clubs or classes or something. I figure if I stay in town, I can have all my fishing gear in town and not be far away from some good fishin'.

Zach Smith

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