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Midge Box

Paola Cat

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I was going through the gear bag and fly boxes today and noticed I've got zebra midges and others like them all over the place. Looking for some recommendations for midge boxes to keep all those little suckers in line. I've been thinking about epoxying some magnets in some of my boxes to hold them. What do you think? PC

Cheers. PC

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Best box for midges I have seen lately is one called the Orvis watershed.


I have the small one and they work great. If dropped they don't take on water and there are individual sections that flip open whereby not exposing all of your midge collection to drop in the drink so to speak.

I have also just used inexpensive plastic boxes and put the magnetic strips in the bottom.


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I'll be interested to hear the responses to this question. Personally for years I used small plastic boxes with ripple foam. They worked OK but the midges seemed to always become dislodged and loose in the box which drove me a little crazy at times. 6 months ago I started using a metal box with the individual compartments with the little glass doors over the top. Here's a link:


Not perfect by any means but it seems to work pretty well.


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Greg Mitchell

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I agree Brian. Those things are so thin that you can stack them several deep in your large vest pockets. The magnetic bottom helps alot in the wind. I also use them for selective scuds as well as midges. For those who have too many flies to remember all their identifying names, they come with stick-on labels. Thanks for the reminder, I need to get another one soon.

Don May

Don May

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You have my permission to laugh at me but...I prefer Altoids boxes. They are waterproof. I glue a piece of foam to the bottom and the lid. Each box holds between 5 and 6 dozen midges and the boxes are small enough where I could easily conceal a dozen or so in my vest if so inclined.

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