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Phil Lilley
Phil Lilley


Huzzah Creek

USGS river gauge: Huzzah Creek Near Steelville, located at the Hwy. 8 bridge, just downstream from Dry Creek. This gauge is very reliable for the creek downstream, but with low water levels, Dry Creek adds enough water to make a noticeable difference between the stretch above and the one below. Low flow information, as well as highest flow that is likely to be fishable, may not be as accurate as it is on some gauges, because the Huzzah gauge has only been online for a couple of years.

Normal flow for December through February: 100-250 cfs.
Normal flow for March through May: 200-400 cfs.
Normal flow for June through November: 70-120 cfs.
Low flows range from 30-60 cfs.
Highest flows likely to be fishable range from 500-700 cfs.


Huzzah Creek Level near Steelville, Missouri

Courtois Creek

USGS river gauge: There is no gauge on the Courtois. However, the proximity of the Courtois and Huzzah makes the Huzzah gauge fairly useful for the Courtois as well; the two streams are not only similar in volume but they usually receive similar amounts of precipitation. Once in a while a localized storm will cause one to rise while the other does not, so one cannot depend entirely on the Huzzah gauge.

See Huzzah gauge information for normal, low and high flows, and navigability.

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