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Phil Lilley
Phil Lilley

Meramec River: Accesses

Knowing where public access to Missouri's rivers are is important when planning a floating or fishing trip.  And knowing the distances between these accesses is also important.  Here are a list of Missouri Department of Conservation's public accesses.  Please use the river map provided to see how to get to these accesses.

Area Name Acres of Public Land Frontage Miles
Allenton Access 7.88 0.50
Blue Spring Creek Access    
Campbell Bridge Access 10.0  
Catawissa Access    
Chouteau Claim Access 15.11 0.50
Flamm City Access 20.44 0.50
Highway 8 Access    
Redhorse Access 47.33 0.25
Riverview Access 15.15 0.10
Sand Ford Access 32.65 0.25
Sappington Bridge Access 10.0  
Scotts Ford Access 17.81 0.30
Scotia Bridge Access    
Short Bend Access 74.63  
Times Beach Access 0.96 0.25
Valley Park Access 5.00  

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