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4/20/18 Whites

took my Dad fishing, we put in at Aldrich around 9am, headed up into the river, ran up until my prop started eating gravel, started drifting back down. Water temp at Taylor bridge was 55. Dad picked up a couple whites above Taylor, I finally caught a white as we drifted below the bridge. decided to run back up river, stopped at the first big gravel bar, had a free lunch of cheddar brats and Coors banquet, thanks to my cousin who was camping there. Started drifting back towards Taylor, picking up a few whites here and there, water temp had come up to 57.7. You could tell it was a Friday afternoon, as there was more and more people lining the banks. we got just below Taylor bridge, in 1 spot Dad and I caught 15 keeper Whites, mostly my Dad doing the catching, as I became the net man, and trolling motor operator. After breaking off a couple times, we continued to drift back towards the Old Steel bridge, continuing to pick up whites here and there, caught our limit around 430. What started out as a slow morning, turned into a blast in the afternoon.  Great day to be outside, and a Great day Catching fish with my Dad!!

420 whites.jpg

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