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  1. I was on the river so it wasn't me. We have sold quite a few decals I seen a lot of TackleHD hats and apparel at the big bass bash. That was was pretty dang cool. Bite was good again this evening but I took a guy who couldn't use a baitcaster and I spent the whole time trying to help him catch a big fish but he kept losing them on his light tackle Next time I'll take him where there's a lot of little males getting on beds
  2. Hog Wally

    Big spot

    I went out on a short run with only a hour to fish before the school bus got here. I was shocked by some phenomenal topwater action and some Hd craw pigs
  3. 2' up and very dirty. I love it.
  4. I took gasconade river guide Tommy Bench out in the frigid conditions this morning and the meramec didn't disappoint
  5. I would advise to fish the rope swing areas 😏
  6. Matching the hatch !
  7. Every since I bought the BPS 100 mph gear I've been unstoppable. This stuff will keep you dry and warm
  8. I had just actually broke off a giant and was really ticked off that it had a craw stuck in its mouth. I hate that
  9. Another personal best on the hidef craw. This kid was a happy camper!
  10. Like how hard? Be careful. Things have changed since last flood.
  11. No. She has a OCD issue with trash so I usually let her walk the gravel bars collecting cans bottles etc. she has really taken it to the next level. It's actually frustrating
  12. The spots are very active. I don't think there is many left within 3 miles of my house though 🙂 I haven't caught one since fall close to home. They all got ate
  13. Hog Wally


    I had a hour to kill before supper so I dunked the river pro in and my daughter and myself went a ways up and or down the river. 47 degree water and perfect color. 4' visibility. I literally caught fish at every likely spot. 4 over 17" including this beauty.
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