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  1. Spent last week at Montauk and had as good as time (if not better) as I did when I went to Utah. Did well on white jigs and brassies. Great trip with the biggest darn snakes I have ever seen. There were good size caddis hatches going on whenever the sun came out. They were dark brown, almost black. Good luck, hope you enjoy the trip.
  2. 10-4. I realize much of this is common sense. One of the main reasons I asked is we avoided many spots due to someone fishing it. Only to find a secluded spot and have someone come in and fish close behind us. Almost no one went to the head of the pool we were fishing. Everyone was friendly and polite, other than one "stomper" who literally stomped and made a wake to cut off and fish a few feet in front of my 6 yr old daughter. Her fly casting is not much better than mine. I said to my wife and daughter "ladies we are moving, I don't want someone to get a hook in their face." As we are leaving Mr. Stomper asks "is there a problem?" I let my wife and daughter move downstream a bit and then explained to him that I didn't want to do anything that I would get hung over, but I don't mind a little jail time. I remembered a guy on here who catches trout the size of my daughter say he made up his mind not to let anyone cause him to have a bad day. I hold to that. We couldn't be any greener and I didn't want us to be the cause of someone's bad day due to our ignorance. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Been reading and learning from this site for several years while lurking in the shadows. Still don't have much to add, but I do have a question. My wife, daughter, and myself just recently got into fly fishing. We had our first fly fishing trip last week at Montauk. I would greatly appreciate any and all advise from you veteran trout park anglers on the code of behavior concerning trout park etiquette. Namely topics such as: 1. You go to your favorite hole and someone is fishing it............ 2. You are quietly fishing and covering a lot of water when you come up on someone fishing.............(when possible I had us quietly get out of the water and walk around them) 3. What are some of the mortal sins (or minor) that you wish other novice anglers knew and refrained from. I found nearly everyone fishing near us to be extremely polite and gracious. I want to make sure we are doing the right thing and I am teaching my daughter the right way. Thanks
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