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  1. Always fished further down river, but fishing this area here in a few weeks. Any tips on really good areas? Will be fishing out of a flat bottom. Any help is appreciated. Usually use zig jigs.
  2. Thanks. Think we may head to a new area. Rainbowriverresort area. Thanks again
  3. Need a place that had lodging and boat rental. Near cedar wood lodge if possible. Not sure if i posted in correct forum. Thanks
  4. Thanks. Sounds like you guys have walleyes. Big fan of walleyes
  5. Myself and couple buddies coming up in two weekends. Staying at a lodge by the ferry. Renting a pontoon boat. Any advice on where to fish and what method? Be on bikes, so will be catch and release. Troll or straight down? Stripers would be nice, but anything would be fun. Thanks for any help.
  6. Thanks for the advice on Zig JIgs. Just got back from the fishing trip. Used mainly CD5's and such first day. Caught many, but seemed pretty small compared to usual. 2nd day I put on a Zig Jig. Once I got use to the method of how I wanted to cast and retrieve, it was game on. Fish after fish, some pretty nice ones, no huge trout but very nice fish. Within hour I had the three other guys in my boat with a Zig Jig on. I will see how they work this winter in a stocked stream here in Kansas. Thanks again for the advice and for the Zig Jig's, I will be making another order
  7. What weight is the jig you use? Thats what i am wondering about. I use 4 lb test
  8. Spinning reel. Wanna meet the guy who can use a bait caster out there. Sorry i should have clarified
  9. First off all thanks for all your guys help the last few years. End of july me and my buds will be doing our annual motorcycle trip to the white and fish for a few days. Guys i fish with dint fish a ton so they drag powebait and have fun and catch a ton. I on other hand lure fish. Thanks to you guys i have used the rapala countdown lure last 2 years and have had a blast. My question is i having been reading a lot from you guys about zig jigs and PJ's. Can i use these jigs with my open face rod and reel? What size and color will I need? I know a lot depends on water running. Any help tho would
  10. Thanks, exactly what a was looking for.
  11. got a great map from this site a few years ago for my annual trip, but now it wont open up... Anyone have a river mar showing different locations like redbud shoals cotterrainbow hole wildczt shoals, etc. Would bemuch appreciated
  12. Hey thanks a lot for all the help. Finally found a great google map with all of those spots. Is the river a little tougher fishing when it runs like this? Sorry all I do is walleye fish, but slowly learning about trout. I like to lure fish, but my buddy really only likes to drift down dragging powerbait. I also imagine you fish with a pretty small mepps? I usually use a 2 but again thats for large mouth. Thanks again for the help
  13. When you talk about in line spinners are you talking about mepp's and those like that? Is there a place i can go to get a map of the river with all those spots you talked about on it. Only map I found was on rim shoals resort map and I couldnt find all of those spots.
  14. Hey, thanks for all the help so far, when I got the tackle suggested. Will be there this sat and sun. to fish. Was wondering how the fishing is going down there? Any spots better than others right now? Thanks again for the help,
  15. Hey taxidermist, I usually use little cleos (small spoons) for trout, do those work in this area also for trout?
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