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I just read a post in the striper forum about hybrids being stocked in certain Missouri lakes to keep shad populations down. One of the canservation areas mentioned was Busch wildlife. Does anyone know what lakes and if enough were even stocked to make them worth targeting? I know some people catch them in the bigger lakes on crappie gear and they are usually pretty small. I caught my first hybrid this year on a Missouri River tributary and now would like to target them other places regardless of size.

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Many years ago, the wife caught a pretty nice one on the shallow end of lake 35.  In recent years, I've caught a couple small ones on lake 35, and one on the dam end of lake 33.  I've heard people say they have caught them in Lake 34, but I've never seen any come out of there.



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They used to stock hybrid's and white bass regularly back in the day along with Tiger musky.  This was when Busch charged a couple bucks to fish.  At some point they stopped charging and just managed for Bass, Panfish, and Catfish, but I think they stocked a few hybrid's over the years. Occasionally people would catch them. Glad to see they have added them back to mix in a few of the lakes.  

For as much pressure as those lakes can receive I do think the area is managed pretty well.  Many of those lakes were just holes in the ground used as a water source for the dynamite that was stored in the old bunkers and some never produced good fishing if not stocked. Over the last 10 or so years the following lakes have been renovated to improve fishing.

28, 21, 16, 31, 32, 9, 10, 30, 12 (kids fishing) and lake 11.  I think 8 has been renovated and is closed right now until next year. Most of the newer lakes are much clearer and much better suited for fish habitat.There maybe a few more that I am missing.  While I have never read anything official I wonder if they might not do all of them eventually. Most of the lakes are really ponds so after 20 or 30 years they probably need to be drained, dredged and dressed up anyway.

It is not a great area for big Bass, but there are some.  They are well educated so it makes it difficult.  My biggest bass was 6lb's about 10 years ago and I fished it a lot during that time.  Only a handful of fish in 3-5 lb range, but tons of 12-15 bass.



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