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  1. No 6.5x was for the zebra midges. mouse was on a leader of 12” of 20# then 16” of 12# And that fish was one mean lookin hombre. 😂
  2. Wanted to mention something about tippet size. @Phil Lilley mentioned getting more bites on 7x with this low, gin clear water. I'm always torn between 6x and 7x during this time of the year. 7x gets more hits for sure but can be a task to quickly land a fish which can be daunting in the hot summer months. And I've lost a fair amount of big fish on 7x. Rio has a Fluroflex Strong tippet in 6.5x (3.1lb) that worked great and I haven't broke a single fish off with it, only a few pulled hooks.
  3. I must say the fishing is as good as I’ve ever experience on Taney. Put the yak in at the hatchery ramp Sunday morning. Plan was to fish the trophy section and then catch the afternoon flow back to the truck at Cooper Creek ramp. Fishing was excellent. Size #18 black and copper zebra midge was the ticket. Landed over a dozen fish before the flow started around 4. All were healthy, chunky and swam away unscathed. With this minimal generation going on, it’s been an awesome opportunity to wade fish at night, and I’ve been out each evening, Sunday-Tuesday. Caught rainbows the first 2 nights on a black and purple slump buster and black leech patterns. Decided to strip a topwater mouse last night with the bright moon we had out, and it paid off. About 2 hrs into the evening at 11:30 this nice brown male smashed the mouse I was throwing on my 7wt, and the rest was history. Quick pic and was grinning ear to ear, heart still pumping as I watched him swim off. Haven’t touched spinning gear since I got here. Strange how things change.
  4. @Cameron Gillespie first time I ever fished AR, Genes Trout Resort had a buncha cans of corn for sale. I was confused for a minute. Just figured everyone down there likes canned corn. Didn’t know it was for chumming.
  5. Be a great idea and similar to the children’s only streams in TN.
  6. I’ve caught browns that have obviously had multiple hooks in their jaw and none looked any worse for wear, so that’s what I assumed. I wonder what % of the petitioners own a boga? 🤔
  7. Is this actually becoming an issue or just fly fishermen purist paranoia that the jerkers are killing all the fish?
  8. Anybody see this? https://www.change.org/p/missouri-department-of-conservation-lake-taneycomo-single-point-hook-only-from-fall-creek-to-dam-52b6b7bd-9130-4ec6-9c1f-14ce6aa75214?recruiter=930647352&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&utm_term=tap_basic_share&recruited_by_id=d0435470-1d0b-11e9-98cd-49e1438e0e83&utm_content=fht-30158773-en-us%3A6&fbclid=IwAR1FaCf1NG_Nhg97xveHi8xCLT8f9o87jrkW3UYdAjQ5pJOyRmkiY8JxRyM
  9. My lady friend caught this fish last trip. Doesn’t look like a hatchery stocker like I’ve ever seen. With all the high, fast water springs lately I’m amazed that they’ve been able to spawn at all, if this is indeed a lake bred trout.
  10. Pretty nice deal on some good jerkbaits, crankbaits, etc. right now https://shopdunns.com/product-tag/fishing-lure-sale/
  11. Idk if you read my initial link, but 7 of the lakes in St. Louis county are also getting a bunch of browns stocked here soon, so you can blame the brown shortage in the rivers on the urban program too!
  12. I want to go back to January-Wabash tonight but I'll either need to keep my ar strapped to my back to keep the thugs at bay or just invite @oneshot for backup! Too bad he's in Ozark country!
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