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4 hours ago, trythisonemv said:

Capps has yet to disappoint me lol. You just have to walk further. I went one morning before sun up and there was a guy walking through the woods to a spot that holds several dozen fish usually . he was carrying a net and two buckets. I shined my headlamp on him and he turned around and left. Guessing he thought i was a warden but he didnt hang around. So . Agree with buzz and olle that we shoukd be more vigilant in keeping people honest.

Capps has certainly disappointed me, but to be honest its really just been over the last 3 years or so. You are right that if you put in the extra effort you can find fish. The biggest problem I've had was with all of the downed trees and getting around them. I hate walking through the woods because of all of the snags. I'm always afraid I'll rip my waders. I can't afford that, although it would give me a good reason to get a new pair. Lol There are a lot of those characters you mentioned that frequent Capps.

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I tore up my first pair of waders up on a thorn bush at capps searching for untouched water. I had a major good day and wasnt catching the same numbers so i waded tthrough the forest until i got to shoal creek then thought id shortcut back through the timber. Bad idea... yup

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