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Dewayne French
Dewayne French

Norfork Decent day

I took the tracker out yesterday and my teacher bud that is off for the christmas break before he has to head back and enlightening our kiddos :rolleyes:.  We had a decent day at Norfork with all the good keeper fish coming on Jerkbaits water temp was 47-48 depending on location, but you had to have wind blowing into that right mix of shelf/chunk rock.  We fished from 11-3 and had a good mix of fish after we figured out the Jerk bait bite was on----in the wind!!  Main lake but not bluffs but not flat banks either, at our best spot the boat was in 14 fow and we more or less paralleled the chunk rock,/shelf stuff.  The water had a good crank bait looking color to it and we tired various baits. but ended the day with the jerk bait for only 4 hours it was a great day for me :D

Get out and enjoy, but stay safe and take a extra set of dry clothes just in case the unthinkable happens. 

Keepers were 1-4 lb Lmb, a 15" spot, 2- Lmb at 15-1/2", 2 thumping Black crappie 17 1/2", and a 20 " walleye.   Those crappie didn't come from that dock either but they did hit the big jerk bait 

We had a good variety of non keepers to make the day go even better with 6-8 other short Lmb, 2 other short spots, and 1 other non keeper walleye 14", and a couple really short smb.  

Threw Meagabass 110's, A rigs, small cranks, and used Favorite rod/reel combos. Braid on the rigs and 8 lb floro on the jerk baits.


Can't tell you much more other than you need to be going!  Stay safe my friends





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