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Norfork - Red bank Fishing Report 12/22/17

Water Temp 51.5 to 52 degrees. Water had a lot more stain than the areas of BSL that I have been fishing. It was breezy. Air temp started at 52 and dropped throughout the day. It was 45 degrees when I had to bail. Rain started at 10 am or so and never completely stopped. It was raining pretty hard for a while. 

A smarter version of me would have worn a coat or st least one more layer.

My struggles with baitcasters continue. I did manage to get A 17 inch largemouth bass on a Megabass 110 Plus 1. I fished multiple JB's. Multiple Warts in 4 different locations. Spinnerbait. I caught the one bait I got with a baitcaster. 

Fortunately, I can fish with spinning rods as well. I also got to Long Pole some crappie which I dearly love. 

swim baits, Ned Rig, and Drop Shot. 

Bobby Garland Baby Shad on 1/16 and 1/24 oz Jig heads for the crappie. 

I caught my Third ever Lake Norfork walleye today. Ned rig. I would have been fine if more walleye would have eaten a Jerk Bait. 

I had a social obligation so I had to quit at 3 PM. I left them biting. I finished with 24 all together. 

Pretty sure that it was my last fishing trip of the year. 😢

Fair Warning: Run on the Channel side of the lake. The flat side has Full Size trees randomly scattered about. Left overs from the Spring flood. Gonna suck if you hit one. 

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