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Friday, 9/29 White river near the Mouth of the Kings


A beautiful early fall morning.  I began my day by fishing the edge of the buck brush with a tail spinner type top water.  Caught 2 bass total working the brush, one was a keeper large mouth.  Did that for an hour and moved out into the channel to try again for the bass that are living out there.

They were scattered, no schools, and every once in a while one or two would come up within casting range.  Caught another 4 bass, all spots, fishing main channel.  If you can get on them, they will jump on that top water, but if you're late, they'll ignore your bait.  I can't make fan casting around the boat work, they've got to be up feeding.  Only thing I haven't tried is to try finesse type top waters, may try that next time.  Might even try a float and fly.

Seems every time out lately I have a Big One that Got Away story. 

I tied up to the dock at Big M, backed the trailer in, as I got in the boat I saw a bass pin some shad against the bank right at the edge of the blacktop in the parking lot.  Close enough to the boat that I stepped in the boat and picked up my top water rod and threw a pencil popper right at the spot where that fish came up.  Made two casts there, no sniffs.  Made another cast about 10 feet further down the bank, walked the bait about 10 feet of the bank, and pow, got a blow up - just felt a little tick, didn't hook up, but I got a look at the fish as it rolled on the bait and it was a good one.  Made a few more casts but that bass wasn't coming back.


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