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1/19/18 Fishing Report

I was going to fish BSL, but I happened to notice that ZERO generation was projected for the Norfolk tail water. That settled it. I wasn’t in a Super Big hurry to get started, but then I noticed my fishing license was expired which cost me a little more time than it should have. Finally got on the water about 10:30 AM with plans to be at the confluence for 4 PM. My wife was nice enough to shuttle me at the end of the day.

air temp eventually got to Mid 50’s. It was sunny but a little windier than I would have liked. I fought a head wind all day. Blowing me upstream when it would gust. Not ideal. 

Water is still pretty dirty, but don’t let it get you down. Adjust your Jig color and fish with confidence.

Shocking how many Good trout can be caught in that first big pool by the commercial trout docks. So much PowerBait gets used there. 1/16 oz Zig Jig got it done. I caught 11 fish before I dropped down into Long Hole. Several of them were really chunky.

I also threw a BPS Mini Dad because I like struggling to remove treble hooks from trout. It caught fish very steadily, but they were smaller than the Jig fish. I’m actually always researching back up techniques for when I bring folks that can’t get the Zig Jig thing to work.

I also threw the 1/32 oz Zig Jig quite a bit. It was definitely catching it’s share of fish. I throw it in the slower water or shallower stuff. Fish it patiently and you will get rewarded.

I fish Norfolk when I can for size and variety. I had 10 cutties over 15 inches. Largest might have been 18 inches. No Bonnevillie Cutts were caught. I got several Nantucket Sleigh rides from trout today. 😁

I had a great time that passed far too quickly. I had a long cold paddle out in the shade with a strong headwind to push against.

I finally caught a nice Brown. It was my 55 fish of the day and I decided to quit on Double Nickels so I could be on time at the takeout. Unfortunately, my wife decided to be 22 minutes early. What the heck? 

I wish the stars aligned for me to do this trip more frequently. I saw lots of guys with the long rod really whacking them. Maybe next time. It would have only been made better if I had a fishing buddy with me to share the experience.


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