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First Find



I finally got the opportunity to go shed hunting on Sunday, so me and my trusty trail buddy Joefish went to the woods to see what we could find. We saw a lot of deer on the hoof, and after walking for about 3 hours I found my second matched pair of antlers. They were still attached to the deer, however, it was dead. I believe it was from natural causes due to the fact that I didn't find any bullets or broadheads by the carcass, but it could have been a hunter kill. I will again attempt to post some pics of it, probably won't have any luck because I am IT challenged. I felt bad once again because Joefish had walked within 20 or 30 yards of it without seeing it, same thing happened last year, oh well, he'll have plenty of chances this year as he will have more time than I will to go out and look. Its just a fluke anyway, it was laying in the trail right in front of me and he was walking behind. I stopped and turned around and said I found one, he couldn't see it with me blocking the trail, so I let him look around before stepping aside and pointing it out! haha. The deer still have their headgear on, at least some of them, we saw a nice eight point and another one we couldn't tell what it was. I couldn't remove the head because I didn't have any tools with me so I'll have to go back and get it, hope the squirrels don't eat it before I get back there. Anyway, that is my story and I'll have more adventures to share later.


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