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  1. The only issue will be if I come in after 5pm. Fall Creek dock employees leave then. Robert even said he would help me take the kayak up to parking lot. I could probably do it myself but a little help would not hurt. Maybe someone fishing off the dock could help. It's always fun at the Moco. Been fishing there since 1977. I remember vividly Whitey Herzog and Darrell Porter screaming up the lake in Darrell's boat back in the day. We used to talk with them while fishing all the time. Great memories!! And bigger healthier fish back then. Water quality was unreal.
  2. The kayak rentals don't do shuttles for non rental customers. I rather not go as far as Cooper as the waves from boats start getting bigger. A guy at Ryde with Us said he could pick me up wherever for $10. Then I called Fall Creek Marina and Robert was super nice. He said no problem pulling out there. Think I'll set up by the dam and call Ryde to meet them at Fall Creek and park car. Thanks to all that chimed in. Tight lines, Dan
  3. Where is the best place to take a Kayak out of water on a float down from the hatchery. The MDC boat ramp is too short of a float. Can I take out across from lookout island or is that private? Can I take out from fall creek or marina or is that private. I know there is ramp just up from fall creek but they have large boulders all over it. I just got a really nice fishing Kayak that I want to break in at the Moco. TIA! Tight Lines! Dan
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